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Virtual and In-Person

Jennifer Houlden presents trunk shows and workshops to Guilds, Shops and groups of interested folk .

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I wanted to commend you on how well your "trunk show" seamlessly worked in a lot of valuable information about value, contrast, colour, improvisation, texture etc - you were teaching very well, even though some of the quilters in the audience may not have realized they were being taught - well done!

RCQG Member

Oh my goodness!!!!  Your program was amazing! Your work is breathtaking.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I believe, along with many others, this was our most amazing program we have had!  
Carol Scorso Poplaski

Warwick Valley Quilters Guild

Trunk Shows

45 – 60 Minute Presentations

Creating With Colour

What’s your favourite colour? Is there a colour you don’t like?

Diverse Light Bargello Quilt

Creating Contrast in Your Quilts

Creating that WOW factor – how is it done?

partial sunflower showing the free motion zigzag stitch on petals

From Then to Now

Every quilt tells a story.

Jen presented her wonderful trunk show at our guild this month and what a fabulous array of talent! Variations of the same pattern were especially interesting. She has a relaxed, informative style.
She also did 2 workshops, one in person and one on Zoom. Both were extremely well organized with planned segments of instruction as well as work periods. Prep sessions on Zoom in advance facilitated good progress. She’s also a lot of fun!
Thanks again!
Leslie B

York Heritage Quilters Guild

6 Hour Workshops

Mini Sunflower Bargello Appliqué Quilt Workshop

Mini Bargello Sunflower

No need to worry about perfect precision – it’s just going to be cut up!

Blue and orange quilts with circles, rectangles and beads created using the Improv Design Quilt Class techniques

Improv Design Class

At the end of the day you will have a masterpiece!

Polar silhouetted against sunset art quilt

Icons on the Landscape Class

Transform an icon into an amazing art quilt using a variety of fabrics and techniques.

I had the biggest pleasure of attending two workshops with Jennifer Houlden. If you haven’t taken one from her you don’t know what you are missing. Great and calm teacher with so much positive reinforcement I had a great time. Looking forward to her next one in August. 

Betty Jean P.

Focus on Fibre Arts - Edmonton

Fabrics in primary colors with color wheel - click to proceed to workshop information

Colour Magic Workshop

Take a spectacular and tantalizing journey through the world of colour.

It's All About The Lines Class

Half-Square Triangles – Oh, the possibilities are endless!

grey background with purple and orange flower

Wild and Spectacular Flowers

Embrace your wild side with free motion zigzag!

Enjoyed your classes very much not to mention your great notes/info.  You really made me think I could do this!!!

Ruth H

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