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Now Offering Virtual Workshops and Trunk Shows. Contact Jen for more details.

Jen is a fantastic instructor who loves to teach all levels of quilters. She is available to present trunk shows, seminars and workshops from an evening to many days for your group, club, guild, shop or festival wherever you may be.

Call Jen now at +1-705-835-3064 (or use the form below) to discuss your needs and book her in for your next get-together.

Learn colour theory as well as traditional and art quilt classes which focus on the specific techniques to create an individual quilt.

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We were so lucky to have you be our first in-person speaker. Your experience was evident and your ease on the stage was so refreshing. Everyone talked about the great energy in the room. Your gorgeous quilts were definitely a delight to see in-person.
A big Thank You for your awesome presentation,
Mariette, Royal City Quilt Guild

I wanted to commend you on how well your "trunk show" seamlessly worked in a lot of valuable information about value, contrast, colour, improvisation, texture etc - you were teaching very well, even though some of the quilters in the audience may not have realized they were being taught - well done!

RCQG Member

From all the comments we heard at our table alone you wowed them!  Throughout the night everyone learned so much and the tips you shared about bindings in different colours, how odd colours can work, the corner hangers and sleeves on both ends, your sense of humour and your fabulous array of your quilts just made a fabulous presentation.  As I was leaving folks were still chatting about what a great speaker you were!

Janis H

Kempenfelt Quilt Guild

Oh my goodness!!!!  Your program was amazing! Your work is breathtaking.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I believe, along with many others, this was our most amazing program we have had!  
Carol Scorso Poplaski

Warwick Valley Quilters Guild

Public Enrolment Online Workshops

Classes, Workshops and Lectures from 3h to multiple days

Unlock Simple Blocks

Unlock the endless creative possibilities of simple blocks

Diverse Light Bargello Quilt

Minimalistic Landscapes

Less is more – Let the fabric do the talking

partial sunflower showing the free motion zigzag stitch on petals

Colour Magic

Turn colour theory from foe to friend!

Trunk Shows

45 – 60 Minute Presentations

Creating With Colour

What’s your favourite colour? Is there a colour you don’t like?

Diverse Light Bargello Quilt

Creating Contrast in Your Quilts

Creating that WOW factor – how is it done?

partial sunflower showing the free motion zigzag stitch on petals

From Then to Now

Every quilt tells a story.

6 Hour Workshops

Mini Sunflower Bargello Appliqué Quilt Workshop

Just Scrap It! Minimalistic Landscapes Workshop

Less is more! Create a stunning landscape that is simple and dynamic where the fabric does the talking

Blue and orange quilts with circles, rectangles and beads created using the Improv Design Quilt Class techniques

Unlock Simple Blocks Workshop

Unlock the endless creative possibilities of simple blocks

I am a retired adult education instructor and I know great teaching when I see it!! Jen is patient, welcoming, relaxed, knowledgeable and super organized. She demos everything, shares many examples of each step in the project process, answers questions thoroughly. She happily shares her unique creations and her love of art and quilting.  All skill levels are made to feel welcome and she has many free tutorials for those who are interested. I look forward to taking another online class.

Paula H. V.


Mini Sunflower Bargello Appliqué Quilt Workshop

Mini Bargello Sunflower

No need to worry about perfect precision – it’s just going to be cut up!

Blue and orange quilts with circles, rectangles and beads created using the Improv Design Quilt Class techniques

Improv Design Class

At the end of the class you will have a whole new set of techniques in your tool box!

Polar silhouetted against sunset art quilt

Icons on the Landscape Class

Transform an icon into an amazing art quilt using a variety of fabrics and techniques.

Jen presented her Improv Quilting workshop to members from our Guild in 2 half day sessions in November. She provided excellent instruction and live demonstrations for her techniques, and slides of her finished pieces to inspire us. She also supplemented this with extensive PDF handouts.

Jen was a relaxed and entertaining presenter, who made us feel very comfortable to try out new skills and ask questions. She has a good mastery of the technology needed to make a virtual workshop successful.

After the first session, she encouraged everyone to upload photos of their backgrounds and then we were able to see what our classmates had done, providing further inspiration.  I learned a lot during these two half days and have saved her PDFs for future reference. I  enjoyed this experience immensely, and would encourage other guilds  to sign up for this. Improv was not at all scar!

Brenda Dagg

Grand Quilt Guild

Fabrics in primary colors with color wheel - click to proceed to workshop information

Colour Magic Workshop

Take a spectacular and tantalizing journey through the world of colour.

It's All About The Lines Class

Half-Square Triangles – Oh, the possibilities are endless!

grey background with purple and orange flower

Wild and Spectacular Flowers

Embrace your wild side with free motion zigzag!

3-5 Day Retreat Workshop

Sunflower Bargello Applique Art Quilt Wallhanging

Bargello Sunflower

While you explore the world of colour Jen will take you beyond basic fusible appliqué and and teach you how to create appliqué designs with movement simply through careful choice and placement of light, medium and dark values…

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