Quilts by Jen is all about custom!

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Jen quilts like she cooks!  When she cooks, she starts with a recipe and by the time dinner is on the table, there is an entirely new creation that bears merely a passing connection to the original recipe.

In Jen’s quilting, she draws inspiration from sources as varied as the textures on the forest floor in her rural home setting of Oro-Medonte to the fabulously opulent flooring of Las Vegas’ casinos.  She’ll borrow a technique from this class and that seminar.  Pulling colours and fabrics together from quilt shops all over the world, Jen’s creations are always totally custom and unique.

Jen will start with an idea in her head and then sketch it out on paper.  She might put it into a quilting CAD software to further expand the pattern and experiment with different colour combinations.  Finally, the fabric comes out and the magic really happens.  This is when she starts making those final decisions that result in the unique creations that flow from her studio.

She loves to build these creations for herself, her friends and clients.  It’s a cooperative effort.  She chats with her clients, finds out what the quilt will be used for, the colours the end user likes.  She’ll suggest a few design ideas, make modifications based on your feedback and then start putting all the pieces together.  Of course, if you would rather Jen just create the magic on her own, she’s totally cool with that too!

Do you have a quilt you’d love to give someone?  A birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth coming up?  Call Jen now at 705-835-3064 or email her at jennifer @ quiltsbyjen.ca and have a chat.  You’ll be the hero of the day when you gift someone one her magic creations.

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