Creating with Colour – My Quilt Journey – Trunk Show

Jacaranda Art tree quilt

Colour – Friend or Foe?

Not everyone loves every colour and we are all drawn to different colours. I myself was never drawn to yellow and when I started quilting it was not going to be in any of my quilts! HaHa! The joke was on me – it is now in many of my quilts.

This trunk show highlights how my use of colour has developed over the years of working with fabric and how I even incorporate my not so favourite colours into my work. 

Experimenting with colour & value, especially vibrant and bold colours, but also soft pastels, and all others in between my goal is to create movement and secondary designs within my work. I do this by drawing on my natural instinct for colour & value as well as using the colour wheel to create stunning quilts and art work.

Grab a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy my journey of colour from when I first started quilting to now as I showcase a wide array of colourful quilts.

This trunk show is a great introduction to my Colour Magic lecture and workshop.

Virtual & In Person Trunk Show – 45 – 60 min

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