Hey, scrap enthusiasts! Remember the “Just Scrap It! Mastering the Art of Controlled Scrappiness” workshop from last November? Well, mark your calendars for another scrap summit happening August 15 – 18, 2024 – it’s gonna be epic!

But hold up, we’ve got a name makeover! From “Just Scrap It” to “Unlock Simple Blocks” to now, drumroll please… “Blocks Unlocked”! Yep, third time’s a charm!

In this workshop, we’re all about unlocking simple blocks that can turn your fabric scraps or yardage into magic. Seriously, check out these patterns – one simple block, countless possibilities! The transformation is mind-blowing – from fun and eye-catching to downright amazing. Join me for a blast at the upcoming virtual open enrollment class. Let’s unlock those blocks and unleash the creativity!

What is this workshop all about?

Get ready to unlock the endless creative possibilities of simple blocks, break free from the traditional and let your creativity run wild!

Ever wondered how a tiny tweak could transform a basic block into a stunning quilt design?

In this workshop, I let you in on all my secrets to turning simple blocks into jaw-dropping quilts. We’ll dive deep into my Shuffled Bricks design – the star of the show.

a variety of fabrics and colours making up a Shuffled Bricks quilt
Original Shuffled Bricks Quilt

With a focus on color and value, we’ll unlock the potential to create quilts that are nothing short of dazzling. Whether you’re diving into your stash of yardage or scraps, this technique is your ticket to quilt bliss. Go full-on scrappy, keep it controlled, or mix and match coordinated fabrics – the choice is yours!

And here’s the best part – once you start twisting and twirling those blocks, or mirroring them for a funky effect, the possibilities become truly endless. So, are you ready to unleash your inner quilt artist? Let’s do this!

This workshop is all about pushing boundaries and seeing beyond the block – envisioning new designs and bringing them to life with fabric. Because let’s face it, that’s when the real magic happens!

Workshop Features

There will be discussions and demos exploring the art of creating controlled scrappiness using coordinated scraps or yardage as well as using coordinated fabrics and fabric lines.

We’ll dive deep into the world of color and value, uncovering the secrets to making your quilts pop!

Wondering what fabrics to use? I’ll share tips and tricks to help you make the most of your materials – whether it’s scraps, pre-cuts or yardage.

Do you struggle to keep things organized while sewing? Fear not! I’ll walk you through my construction and chain sewing process – keeping everything tidy and efficient, so you can focus on bringing your quilt to life!

We’ll also have plenty of time to play, design, and sew. Got questions? Fire away! This is your chance to learn, create, and have a whole lot of fun. Can’t wait to see you there!

Mark your calendars for May 28 & June 4 @ 1 – 4 pm EDT when the next virtual Blocks Unlocked workshop is coming your way. Join me and let’s dive into the world of transforming the Shuffled Bricks block together. Trust me, it’s going to be a blast!

Suitable for all levels of quilters.

Until next time

Happy Quilting