Green Frixion Pen

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

Do you have a Frixion pen? How many? And what colours?

I only have one Frixion pen which I received in a swag bag at a retreat that I went to. Mine is green and I have to say I wish I had a few other colours as the green doesn’t show up on everything especially darker colours.

Here I have marked out a grid to make half square triangles.

Lines on fabric for the grid method to make half square triangles

HST grid marked out

What is so special about a Frixion pen?

The great thing about this marking tool is that the ink disappears with friction or heat and reappears when exposed to cold. A good practice is to always test the colour on a scrap piece of the fabric just to make sure that there is no leftover residue and that the colour does totally disappear.

If you have used the pen for marking quilting lines then a swipe of the iron will take the lines away but not permanently. In order to permanently take them away the quilt needs to be washed.

So if you accidentally  lost the marking lines like I did the other day by ironing the fusible web to the applique – not sure why I used the Frixion pen to draw my pattern on the fusible web but I did – the pen was handy and I wasn’t thinking. I lost my lines with the heat of the iron but then got them back by placing the piece in the cold – a.k.a. the freezer. A handy little feature.

I even use the pen to write on paper because it erases just like a pencil. Perfect for when I am designing and figuring out measurements and so on.

I really do need some more colours. Okay, maybe not need but want.

Another great tool for the quilter’s tool box.

Happy Quilting!

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