Hugs & Kisses Mug Rug

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Mug Rug Monday.

With Valentine’s day only a few days away I had to of course do the all romantic mug rug.

Quilt First

First I picked just a plain one piece background and drew a grid on it with my Frixion pen. I did a test on a scrap first as I didn’t want the green ink staying behind.

Then I quilted the background with a wonderful hand dyed pink variegated thread. Since I ran off all the edges of the fabric I didn’t have to worry about doing any ties off with the ends of thread.

Pink fabric quilted with a one inch grid

Quilted background

Appliqué Second

Last week I cut some hearts with the Jelly Pointer template and since they were sitting on my table I figured why not use them otherwise they would have gone to waste.

I had to add the fusible web after the fact as I hadn’t applied any before I cut the shapes. I seem to be doing this a fair bit lately especially with my Wreath Quilt.

I used some letters I already had decreased in size during Santa Sac Season and made some X’s and O’s. Now these ones aren’t too critical to reverse as they look the same anyway you turn them but if it had been an A or B it is a must to reverse them before tracing.

To begin I only had 4 letters and when all was said and done there were 8.

Two hearts, two x's and two o's

Design with 4 letters

I added blanket stitch around each piece with the same hand dyed thread. It has been a while since I’ve used blanket stitch as I have been in the satin stitch mode lately. The thread really contrasts with the dark fabric and blends in nicely on the hearts.

Each shape has been stitched around with blanket stitch

Blanket stitch complete


With the appliqué complete I can move onto binding the mug rug.

Bind Third

Here it is all bound and ready to give to that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Hugs & Kisses Mug Rug

Completed mug rug

Originally I was going to bind it with the dark pink like the letters and then at the last minute decided on the same as the background. A very good decision as the dark pink would have been too heavy and would have distracted from the appliqué.

This mug rug is 7″ x 11″.

And the back is really cool too.

Pink stitching outlining the design on the back of the mug rug

Stitching on the back

Happy Quilting!

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