73 year old quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to my monthly UFO round up.

March was a good month here in my studio and I was able to complete 5 UFO’s, make the blocks for another project and complete a top from cutting to sandwiching. I am very pleased with my progress on my massive list this month.

I was calculating how long it would take me to finish my UFO’s if I were to do 2 a week – just the UFO’s would take me 26 weeks and the quilts that need to be started and finished would take another 5 weeks with 2 a week but realistically I would probably only get one a week done so 10 weeks. Not so sure I should have done these calculations but oh well I did and I can’t let them get me down but rather be motivated to try and complete as many as I can this year.

The basket quilt I had quilted back in January at the long armer finally had the binding and hanging sleeves added. I didn’t have enough of the backing fabric to make the sleeves out of and used one of the fabrics from the quilt top which looked horrible so I ended up ripping those off and using a Christmas fabric that blended into the background. I figure nobody will notice , but now you all know and will notice. I am very pleased with the end result of this piece. Sorry no photograph yet as it is 96 inches square and we need to set it up outside to take the picture. Still too much snow and muck to do that.

One of the many baskets in the quilt

One basket in the quilt

I love the quilting in this quilt and here is a close up of it. This view is on the back as it is easier to see the design.

Quilting motif of swirls, dragonflies and lily pads

Dragonflies, lily pads and swirls

The original Woven Stars quilt which I sandwiched back at the end of January finally made it to the sewing machine to be quilted. This is a great pattern to work with a monochromatic colour scheme. I went with very simple echo quilting and an 8 pointed star after reverse sewing the heavier quilting I did in one section and didn’t like. Reverse sewing quilting stitches is no fun, thank goodness it wasn’t free motion. I really love the fabrics in this one.

Woven stars quilt completed in green

Woven Stars

A close up of the quilting in Woven Stars.

Quilting motifs close up

Echo quilting and an eight pointed star

My little Snail’s Trail quilt was finished as well. This block is found in my Ebb & Flow pattern. 

4 snail's trail blocks together

Snail’s Trail quilt

The African plank quilt I completed on the last weekend of March and am very pleased with it. I am still considering adding some bead work to it but that can be done down the road when I find the perfect beads. More about it in an upcoming post after Michael has photographed it properly.

African plank quilt

I made another 5 Aztec Jewel blocks for my split-comlimentary quilt. They have been put together with sashing and cornerstones. I want to put it on point so now to design the corners of the quilt. I guess this one is still a WIP but I have made progress on it.

Split-complementary scheme quilt

9 Aztec Jewel blocks with sashing

A pattern I designed for Northcott back in 2013 I finally received the fabrics for and made the top. It is sandwiched and ready to be quilted. The piece is called Be Mine and there is a pattern available in the store for purchase.

Be Mine quilt

All ready for quilting

My biggest win for the month though was to quilt and bind a 73 year old quilt top that belongs to my friend’s mother. I have had this quilt far too long and finally just took the plunge and quilted it. Her grandmother hand pieced the top for her when she was 14 but it had never been quilted. Well, now it is.

old quilt top quilted and bound

A 73 year old quilt

A close up of the block and quilting.

Hand pieced and machine quilted

Close up of the quilt

A very good month if I do say so myself. I certainly hope this month goes as well but I have CreativFestival April 25 & 26 at the International Centre in  Mississauga so not quite sure I’ll get as many done since I have 2 presentations to prepare for it.

How did you do with your UFO’s last month? I would love to hear about your accomplishments. Accomplishments do not have to be finished pieces either but rather just work on one to advance to the finished stage.

Keep up the great work.

Happy Quilting!

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