Snail's Trail Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Story Time Monday.

I decided that Monday would be my day to work on UFO’s to ensure that I was indeed working on them and hopefully completing some of them. Last week I became a little obsessed and spent another day working on them as well. It was a productive week in the UFO department not so much in the new design department.

This little piece made up of the snail’s trail block I made a year ago and it sat around in the drawer without being quilted. Something this little that would take no time at all to quilt. Sometimes I wonder what I am thinking by putting it in the drawer and not finishing such a small piece. Crazy! The piece is 20 inches square with 8 inch blocks.

I had made the piece for one of my Colourful Friday posts on the Tetradic Colour Scheme. As you may recall the tetradic scheme is made up of 4 colours which represent either a rectangle or square on the colour wheel.

This little quilt of pink, green, purple & yellow is the rectangle. It works well to define the snail’s trail block because there I have used different values of the 4 colours to create contrast between the colours from light to dark.

Snail's trail block

A single block

So the piece did take me a tad bit longer than I had anticipated only because I decided to quilt it quite heavily with echo quilting in each colour. Of course the lines had to be a quarter inch apart. I think it looks great and am very happy with it.

Close up of the quilting

The quilting

This snail’s trail block is the one that we made in our Stitch Along Sunday pieces yesterday. As you can see it certainly doesn’t have the contrast that this one does and is suppose to have.

My pattern Ebb & Flow also features this block. In fact it is made with 4 fabrics as well from the Serenity Spa line from Northcott. It was last year’s fabric but the quilt would look fantastic in any coordinating fabrics.

There you go another UFO complete.

Happy Quilting!

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