a piece of a quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Story Time Monday. A few weeks ago I talked about a piece of a quilt that I purchased from the UK in I Bought A Plank and well that plank has arrived. The plank is part of a fund raising effort for a clinic in The Gambia.

It (pictured above) arrived in my mailbox while I was away and all of the other quilters who bought a plank were posting photos of their planks in our FB group. I was anxious to see what my piece looked like and whether or not the fabrics I bought on my road trip to Jordan last month would go with it.

Well, here they are together. What do you think? I think that they will work just fine. I can’t wait to get started.

many pieces of colourful fabric

The plank with the fabrics I purchased at Stitches

Now what to design. I am thinking something linear with lots of geometric shapes. There are a few ideas brewing in my head. The piece needs to be back in England for the exhibition by the end of March. Not a lot of time really so had best get thinking about it. The exhibit is at the end of April and I would so love to go.

If the fabrics that I bought at Stitch in Jordan don’t do the trick then I have these wonderful African fabrics that I bought from the African Fabric Shop when I was at the quilt show in London this past spring. The African Fabric Shop is a sponsor of this quilt challenge.

The pieces are small but there are many. Fifty to be exact of these 10″ x 11″ pieces. Of those 50 which came in 3 different packages there are only 2 duplicates – not bad. There is a great variety of colour so I know that this quilt will be very colourful.

Batch #1

fabric from Africa

African fabrics

Batch #2

fabric pieces swirled together

More African fabrics

Batch 3#

many fabrics laying together

And the last of the African fabrics

With all this fabric and one plank from the #1 African Fabric Shop Shack Quilt I should be able to come up with something interesting and unique. Oh and the plank came wrapped in a piece of African fabric – bright and colourful it is.

red & black floral fabric

The fabric the plank was wrapped in

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Happy Quilting!

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