multi-coloured and grey fabric

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Yesterday, I cut up the 5″ squares with the Whirligig Template and now have 84 pieces. The main template piece as well as the off cut.

The feature fabric I am using for this project is from Moda and is called Sphere by Brigitte Heitland. It is definitely a bright, cheery and fun fabric. I not only purchased the 5″ charm squares but also the little 2 ½″ squares and a jelly roll.

Large squares, little squares and a roll of fabric

Multiple pre-cuts

The background fabric is also a Moda fabric called Barcelona. From it I cut 42 – 5″ squares and left them as pairs like I did yesterday when cutting the background pieces.

All of this fabric I had big plans for last year when I bought it but you know how the best laid plans are. Anyway I am finally get around to using it up and creating some sort of piece with it.

Sewing the pieces together

Place the pieces right sides together. They will look like they don’t belong together as they are rather askew but they do.

Polka dot and grey fabric pieces

Pieces ready to sew

Sew and press to the background fabric. Ta da!

2 blocks mirror image of each other

Mirror image blocks

What to do with the blocks

You know one thinks they are getting a lot of pieces with a 42 piece charm pack but then when it is time to design something there isn’t always enough. I wish I had bought two packs but I didn’t so I will have to come up with something with what I have.

A few layouts to choose from. Here are the two layouts that are shown on the package insert.

Stacking blocks

Multiple blocks stacked in a row

Stacking blocks

Windmill block

blocks arranged in a windmill shape

Windmill block

These next ones are quite interesting but I’m not sure I want a wide table runner but I guess 18 inches isn’t that wide.

Off set blocks

off set blocks


Stacked hour glass

block stacked to look like a distorted hour glass

Hour glass variation

Kimono or lighthouse?

4 corner and centre layout of blocks

Design #1

Lighthouse Variation #2

6 blocks that look like lighthouses

6 lighthouse blocks

Lighthouse variation #3

multiple fabric blocks

More lighthouses

Well the layout of the pieces do look like lighthouses with the beams of light going out in opposite directions.

I’m really not sure which layout I will choose and I might just go to my LQS and see if by chance they have another charm pack of this fabric. Maybe I will get lucky – who knows.

I could also add in the other pre-cuts to the design or the off cuts. Hmmmmmm, all kinds of options but it’s time for bed now and maybe I’ll dream the perfect layout.

Happy Quilting!

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