Pieces cut with the Whirligig template

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

Last Thursday I introduced a new cool tool that I will be working with this week – the Whirligig Template from Creative Grids. It has all kinds of possibilities and I can’t wait to create a few of them. Another bonus about this template is that it is compatible with 5 inch squares whether you cut your own from yardage or use the pre-cut ones.

Cutting with the template

The template is very simple and easy to use

Place the 5 inch square on the cutting mat right side up and align the straight edges of the template to the edge of the square.

plastic template on top of square of polka dot fabric

Template on square

Cut along the diagonal line.

Two pieces of fabric cut on diagonal of template

Cut along diagonal edge

Then cut out the little notch at the bottom of the template – this just makes it nicer to align the pieces when sewing but if you don’t want to cut it that’s okay.

small notch of fabric cut of corner of fabric

Notch cut off end

Unfortunately, the off cut is waste but I’ll show you that it can be used so don’t get rid of it. It definitely has lots of potential.

Cutting the mirror image

To cut the mirror image place the fabric on the table wrong side up and repeat the cutting instructions from above.

template on top of wrong side of fabric for mirror image cut

Cutting mirror image on wrong side of square

Cutting two pieces at once

I’ve cut two 5 inch squares of my background fabric and left them placed with wrong sides together.

squares placed together with wrong sides facing

two squares together

Placing the template on the edge of the square as above I cut the two pieces. They are mirror images of each other.

two grey pieces mirror image of each other

Mirror image cuts

Layering the fabrics will make cutting go faster just make sure everything is aligned squarely and no pieces slip.

I’ll finish cutting my pieces and be ready to put the blocks together tomorrow for Stash Blasting Wednesday with some pretty nifty layouts.

4 pieces cut with the whirligig template

Getting ready to sew

Happy Quilting!

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