Quilt design using the whirligig off cuts

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Back in January I was playing with the Whirligig Template from Creative Grids and had some off cuts from those blocks that I need to do something with. Today is the day to sew them up and see what I can create with them.

The off cut is the discard from the template. They look like this – a background piece and a feature fabric. The feature fabric is from a charm pack. Yes, the Whirligig template is charm pack or 5 inch square friendly.

Sewing the pieces together

Sewing the off cut pieces together is very much like sewing the main Whirligig pieces together except they end up a bit smaller.

To begin you need a background and feature piece.

a grey and blue triangular pieces of fabric

The pieces

Lay the feature piece on top of the background piece with a corner peaking out at each end of the bias cut.

Blue fabric on top of grey fabric with right sides together and diagonal edges matching

Pieces ready for sewing

Sew together and press open. The piece measure 3 ⅞″ x 5″.

grey and blue fabric sewn together along diagonal edge

The off cut block

Chain sewing made quick work of piecing these 82 pieces together to make 41 blocks. And my cutting gizmo made quick work of cutting the pieces apart.

A chain of fabric pieces coming out from the sewing machine

Chain sewing

Half the blocks go one way and the other half are a mirror image.

Two grey/blue blocks mirror image of each other

Mirror image blocks

Re-purposing the original block

I had 2 blocks left over from the original blocks that I made and so I thought why not cut them down to use in this design.

the original block made with the whirligig  template

Original whirligig block

I just laid the smaller block on top of the larger block matching up the bias seam and cut off the extra fabric on each side. Now I have 2 more blocks. Woohoo!

blue/grey block pinned to another block and pieces trimmed off

Original block trimmed down

Designing with the off cut blocks

I started out with laying the blocks out like this and I thought how boring.

6 blocks in two rows

Rows of blocks – a bit boring for me

So I cleaned off the QUILTsocial project from my large design wall and starting throwing pieces up on it. Not really throwing rather placing gently.

blocks on the design wall

On the design wall

I kept adding more and moving them around. Plus I added in some 2 ½″ squares from the same fabric line and some 5 inch background squares.

blocks on design wall in a funky configuration

more blocks

And a few more grey background squares with 2 ½″ squares on top.

the design is growing

The design progresses

An image of the design so far can be seen at the top of the page. And I do know where it is heading but… I need to cut a lot more background squares and then do a bit of sewing to put it all together but I am loving what is on the design wall right now.

So now does this now become a UFO Spotlight project or remain a Stash Blasting Wednesday project. Hmmmmmm that’s a good question?

What do you think?

Happy Quilting!

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