Bias Tape Makers

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Since I have been talking about sewing and cutting on the bias this week along with a mention of bias binding and tape I felt it would be appropriate to feature the fusible bias tape makers from Clover.  Clover also makes bias tape makers without the fusible feature.

I use the fusible ones to make non fusible bias tape and they work just fine.

These little gadgets are very handy when it comes to making bias tape for stained glass and other such items such as drawstrings for Santa Sacs. Though the fabric for the drawstrings is not cut on the bias as they do not need to bend into shape or form.

If you are using the bias tape maker for stained glass the fabric strips need to be cut on the bias in order to bend and form into shape around the appliqué pieces. Or to make life really simple the Clover pre made fusible bias tape is the way to go.

Pre made fusible bias tape - the cat's meow

Clover pre-made Quick Bias tape

These little tools make it very simple and easy to create bias tape with or without fusible on them. There are a range of sizes from a ¼″ to 2″ widths. Each one comes with an insert that gives directions on how to use it and the size of strip that needs to be cut for straight or bias pieces – make sure to keep the insert to refer to.

To see how to use these bias tape makers check out my post on how to make easy drawstrings for a great video of the bias tape maker in action.

Fusible web can also be added to the bias tape by feeding it through the top of the holder as the fabric come through he bottom. Of course Clover sells appropriate sized rolls of fusible web to go with the fusible bias tape makers.

A roll of fusible to work with the fusible bias tape maker

A roll of fusible to work with the fusible bias tape maker

An easy way to make bias tape in any colour or fabric desired. Check out Technique Tuesday next week to see how to add the fusible to the bias tape.

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Usefulness Factor – Quilts by Jen rates it 9 out of 10.
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