The Supreme Slider

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

The Supreme Slider is a tool I have looked at several times in the past and always passed by. This year one of the Twelve Days of Christmas stuff your stocking specials at Thimbles & Things was one of these and this time I didn’t pass it up.

It was developed by Pat LaPierre who is a National Award-Winning quilter and her studio donates 25% of all proceeds of this product to breast cancer education and research. This would be why the back side of it is pink.

Other quilters who use and love this product are Diane Gaudynski, Joanie Zeier Poole and Leah Day.  With those names supporting it I am sure it was worth the buy.

The slider sits on the machine and the hole in the middle fits over the needle plate where the needle goes through to the bobbin. It can be trimmed to fit if need be. The pink side faces down.

Supreme slider sitting in place on sewing machine

Slider in place on machine

It is also recommended to tape your extension table to the sewing machine so that nothing moves under the slider. This is the small one shown above and for larger machines there is a queen size version which is 11 ½″ x 17″. I suspect I will be investing in it for my large machine if I like the small one.

The slider is easily cleaned with a baby wipe. Keeping it clean will ensure that it stays put.

No more drag with this slider in place. I’ll let you know tomorrow when I do my Free Motion Friday post how I like it.

Do you have one? What do you think of it? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Happy Quilting!

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