Broken circles

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

I am way behind but that is because I have been taking part in the Coldwater Studio Tour and one cannot be in two places at once. I need to clone myself so I can stay in the studio and create as well as be everywhere else that I need to be – wouldn’t that be cool if we could do that.

The studio tour is going very well and we have had a wonderful weekend for it.

Now back to the Stitch Along Sunday. I need to get two posts done tout sweet so that I can catch up because next week is the last Sunday of June.

Today is also the longest day of the year – the Summer Solstice – when we lived in Yellowknife it was always celebrated with an event called Raven Mad Days. A huge street party in the downtown core with lots of food, fun, music and good times. Not to mention 24 hour day light. Well, the sun does dip ever so slightly to the horizon but doesn’t fully set in the Knife.

Oh boy I have digressed again but it has given me an idea of what to do for last week’s mug rug – yes, I am behind on that too – but that’s a totally different post.

The rules for week 2 can be found on Ruth’s blog – Week 2 Rules. Ruth has continued with words again as the theme. This week’s words are “broken shapes”. Week one’s words were “painter’s palette”.

So using the fabrics I chose in week one I am going to create a broken shape or two or three.

I decided to go with circles and I wanted them to be perfect circles so I created them on the computer and then traced them onto Steam-a-Seam. Afterwards when I had them all cut out I thought I could have just used the Print N Fuse sheets that I have in the drawer. Oh well, next time.

Circles on paper and cut out of fusible


After cutting out the circles I laid them out on the grey background to see what they looked like. Not bad.

Multi coloured circles on a grey background

Circles on grey background

Then I drew dissecting curvy lines on the back of each circle.

Curvy lines drawn on the back of the circles

Curvy lines

And cut them apart.

Broken circles on a grey background

Broken circles

They still need to be fused down but I am debating about whether to add a couple more colours so won’t just fuse down yet because once they are down that’s it they are there for good. No going back, no changing your mind.

Happy Quilting!

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