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Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

A while ago when I was trying to find a suitable option of fusible web to replace Steam-a-Seam I bought a product that Sue at Thimbles & Things in Orillia, Ontario recommended. It is a lightweight fusible web that comes in letter size sheets and can go through an inkjet printer.

Please note: It cannot be used in a laser printer or commerical copier as both of these devices use a heat process and the glue on the web would make a huge mess of the machines as it activated on it’s way through.

It is called Print N Fuse.

Yes, you can print right onto them. So either an image printed from your computer or a template from a pattern that you can photocopy onto the fusible web. How handy is that?

ovals and circles printed on a piece of Print N Fuse

Shapes printed from computer

I finally decided to give them a go the other day when I was working on some applique for my Stitch Along Sunday piece. I used a design printed from the computer. It was great because I had lots of little pieces and I didn’t have to spend all that time tracing each one.

It works the same as other fusible webs; the only difference is it can go through an inkjet printer. Do make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results fusing to the fabric. A damp cloth is recommended.

The only issue I had was that the ink did smudge onto my fingers so I made sure to wash my hands before I transferred the applique pieces to my background which was a light coloured fabric.

The box of 12 was quite economically priced and I will certainly use it again for small pieces that take up so much time to trace. The product is also available in boxes of 100 sheets.

Just another cool tool to make our quilting lives better.

Happy Quilting!

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