Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Well, I certainly didn’t blast much of my stash with this little piece but I did use up some of the leftovers from a piece I made a couple of years ago.

The piece is only 6″ x 6″ and was made for a recent fund raising event at the Orillia Museum of Art & History. (click on the link to see all the pieces on display) The event was for artists to create this small piece of art and then people bought tickets to the event and were put into a lottery to receive one of the 6 x 6 pieces. A very cool idea I thought.

My piece originally was to depict a flower but in the end I thought it looked for like a bird’s nest so I added in the robin egg blue beads to represent spring with eggs in the nest.

It was a fun little piece to make. After affixing the background appliqué pieces in place I covered the raw edges with couched yarn.

Pink, orange and red fabrics with yarn in vertical and horizontal lines

Raw edges covered

More couching to form the flower turned bird’s nest.

couched yarns of red, yellow and pink

Nest created with couched yarn

The centre of the bird’s nest was a piece I made a while back using thread and water soluble stabilizer.

tangle of threads in centre of piece with blue beads on top

Thread play centre added with beads

Adding beads and embroidery stitching to finish it off.

Beads and embroidery added to squared off piece

Squared off and embellishments complete

The challenging part was affixing the whole piece to the wooden board supplied by the museum. I should have stopped the batting and backing and inch from the edge which would have made wrapping it around to the back much easier. I made the piece 9 inches square so that I would have enough to wrap around to the back.

I ended up affixing the piece to the front of the wooden square with double sided carpet tape as well as along the edges on the back. The carpet tape worked really well as it is very sticky. The corners I glued in place with the Fons & Porter glue stick and then hand sewed the edges of the folded corners in place. Interesting how one corner is not like the others.

quilt wrapped around to back of wooden board

Back of piece glued and stitched in place

This little piece turned out great and I was very please with my contribution to the fund raising event. I hope they do the event again next year so I can make another one but hey there’s no reason why I couldn’t make a few for the Coldwater Studio Tour in June.

Happy Quilting!

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