The Funky J Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to UFO Saturday.

I’ve made great progress today on more than one UFO. I finished quilting the Granny’s Choice Quilt and put the binding on it this morning.

Then I put the bindings on three quilts that I received back from the long arm quilter a couple of weeks ago. These quilts have been hanging around for a long time – one of the all the way back to my time in Yellowknife.

Looks like I will have a bit of hand sewing for some evenings in front of the television.

And I put a border on my Funky J quilt. I cut up little pieces from the feature fabrics to make a pieced one inch wide border. Lots of fun.

Various size pieces to create the border with

The little pieces

The fun part was actually cutting back the black fabric and keeping the batting and backing out of the way. A slip of the rotary cutter would not have been a good thing.

Trimming the excess black fabric before adding the pieced borders

Trimming the black fabric

Once I made a couple of the pieced borders I auditioned them just to make sure they looked okay and I was happy with everything.

Auditioning the pieced borders on two sides of the quilt

Checking out the pieced border

I had to keep it out of the way when I sewed the borders in place as well. Yes, it would have been easier to put the borders on without the batting and backing on the quilt but when I made the quilt oh so long ago I didn’t think I would put any borders other than a wide black border.

placing the pieced border on the black fabric with the batting and backing tucked under

Attaching the borders

In the end I decided the wide black border would be too heavy even with quilted J’s on it in the light coloured threads.

So now I have this pieced border instead.

Pieced border added to the Funky J quilt

The pieced border in place

One more round of black and the borders are done. It measures about 34 ½″ x 34 ½″.

The funky J quilt with borders

The Funky J Quilt

Now all I need to do is add some quilting to the black borders and sew on the binding. Then I can check another UFO off the list.

The sad part is I added a few more UOF’s to the list today but I am hoping that these ones will all be done by the end of April – keep your fingers crossed for me.

How are your UFO’s coming along? Is progress being made?

Happy Quilting!

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