back of quilt with corner hanging tabs

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

Another method of hanging a small quilt or adding in a dowel along the bottom of a larger quilt to help it hang straighter and flat to the wall is by adding triangles to each corner on the back of the quilt.

This method is very quick and requires no hand sewing which is a bonus for those of you who do not like to hand sew. A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to make hanging tabs that required very little hand sewing using a tube of fabric.

Four little triangles – one for each corner of the quilt. I used this method for my November Stitch Along Sunday project.

How to Make and Attach

1. Cut triangles an appropriate size for your quilt. This piece with is 10 ½″ x 28″ I chose to cut the squares 3 ½″. Cut 4.

a square of fabric

Cut 4 squares

2. Fold each square from one corner to the opposite to create a triangle. Wrong sides of fabric together. Press well with a steam iron as they should be nice and flat.

four triangles of fabric

Fold into a triangle and press

3. Place in each corner of the  back of the quilt and pin.

triangle pinned in corner of quilt back

Pin a triangle in each corner

4. Sew in place with an ⅛″ seam.

triangle sewn into corner of quilt back

Sew in place with an ⅛″ seam

5. Sew on the binding.

The triangles are now ready to have a piece of dowel or bar of some sort attached.

back of quilt with corner hanging tabs

Dowel in place along top edge of quilt

I did find that there needs to be a couple or more pieces of hanging hardware for the dowel – cup hooks work well. A fancy ribbon or string attached to the dowel would also work to hang the wall hanging.

If putting your piece in a show a hanging sleeve will need to be added rather than tabs or triangles.

Just another option of how to hang a small quilt.

Happy Quilting!

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