HST border designs

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

Last week I started talking about the different border designs that can be created with only half square triangles. If you missed that post then check out border designs made with half square triangles – part 1 and see what great designs were presented last week.

Did you come up with any? Tell me in the comments!

The rest of the designs are just as interesting and make great borders for wall hangings, table runners, baby quilts and larger bed quilts. There is so much flexibility with these half square triangle borders; I just love them.

Here are the other five that you have been waiting all week for. Plus a bonus one which I do believe is my favourite.

Pyramid Half Square Triangle Border

A nice little border that would certainly outline the centre very nicely. Either colour would look great as the pyramid – just flip it over and the gold is the pointing in the other direction.

HST border with the Hsts forming pyramids

Pyramid shaped border

Diamonds Half Square Triangle Border

This border is created by putting four half square triangles together to create a square – the great thing is that the inside square looks like it is on point hence the diamond shape. This one can also have the gold and rust positions swapped so the diamond is gold and surrounded by the rust fabrics. As an added bonus, this border comes together super quick if you make two pyramid border strips and then sew them together.

HST border designs create diamonds

Diamonds created out of squares

Zigzag Half Square Triangle Border

This design reminds me of rick rack and that easy zigzag baby quilt I made.

HST border design with a rust zigzag

Zigzag design with the rust colour as the zigzag

HST border design with a gold zigzag pattern

Zigzag design with the gold fabric as the zigzag

Diagonal Stripes Half Square Triangle Border

Looks a bit like a barber shop pole.

HST border design with diagonal stripes in alternating colours

Stripes on the diagonal in alternating colours

Chevron with a Goose Half Square Triangle Border

A little bit different design. It could also be called an hour glass with a goose. Just depends how you look at it and what your eye sees first. Remember, you can play with the colours and values to influence what your audience sees first.

HST border design made with a chevron and flying geese block

A chevron going nose to nose with a flying goose

Slanted Percent Sign Half Square Triangle Border

Michael came up with the name and I like it. It is so much fun playing with the different configurations.

HST border design with a gold percent sign

Percent sign with the gold fabric on the diagonal

HST border designs with a rust percent sign

Percent sign with the rust fabric on the slant

So there you have it – my eleven designs that I came up with. How many more did you come up with? I am sure there are many more seeing how those half square triangles are just so versatile.

Now what to do with all of these half square triangles – I can’t put them back in the bag.

Happy Quilting!

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