Triangles on a white background with black quilting

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

First things first – Happy Birthday to my husband Michael who is spending the day standing in my booth at CreativFestival. Isn’t he wonderful?

It was a very busy week here at Quilts by Jen World Headquarters getting ready for CreativFestival so I am afraid that I didn’t get my piece finished. It is underway and I will share with you what I have done so far. I’ll post the finished piece later in the week. As you can see in the picture above I haven’t even had time to tie off and bury my threads.

Week 3’s rules were to quilt the piece with either echo quilting or cross hatching. I chose echo quilting. First though I needed to sandwich my piece with backing and batting. See the full set of rules here on Ruth’s blog, Rules- Week 4.

Layers with pins in them

Piece sandwiched in 3 layers and pinned

Last week I didn’t stitch down the the triangles as I decided I would incorporate that stitching into the quilting. Because the pieces are basically in the middle of the quilt they are the first pieces to be stitched. I chose the darkest of the two threads I used for the previous stitching on the leaves to finish off the triangles. Free motion zigzag was my stitch of choice for this. I figured I would keep everything the same and not mix up stitches.

The White Block

Triangles on the white block

The Black Block

The black block

Lastly I started quilting with the walking foot using a straight stitch to echo the squares. The stitching lines are a ¼″ apart. I wanted the stitching to stand out on the background. To achieve this I am using black thread on the white and white thread on the black.

Some echo quilting on the white block

Echo quilting started but not done

The thread is a 50 weight that I am using – I am use to using thicker thread for quilting so was thinking as I went that it wasn’t making much of a statement. Really though the appliqué is what is making the statement in this piece.

Don’t forget to check out all the other pieces in the October Gallery on Ruth’s blog.

I’ll finish this up this week and post a picture for you all to see once I have recovered from CreativFestival.

Who knows I may sleep for a week. Wouldn’t that be decadent.

Happy Quilting!

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