Modern Linear Lines Mug Rug

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Mug Rug Monday.

This week I have gone a bit different and a little more modern from the 6 previous mug rugs.

I chose 4 fabrics to create mug rug #7 with. I used the two prints to make one of my Rectangles & Squares quilts a few years ago. I love these fabrics – not only the designs but also the colours. I think orange and pink are a great combo.

4 coordinating fabrics in pink, orange, yellow and maroon

The 4 fabrics

After choosing the fabrics I sketched out a design that I thought might work.

Lines on white paper with rectangles and squares

The design sketch

Creating the Background

The background is made up of 5 strips of fabric – 3 light pink and 2 dark pink or maroon. I used the stitch ‘n flip method to sew the pieces to the batting and background. This way once the piece is sewn together it is also quilted.

3 light pink and 2 dark pink strips of fabric sewn to the batting and backing

Background sewn with stitch ‘n’flip method

Adding the Lines & Cubes

I drew out the lines and cubes on fusible web then fused them to the back of the two feature fabrics. I chose the square print for the cubes and the curved lines for the lines.

I played with a few designs before I finally decided on one. Took me longer than it should have but it had to be just right.

Here are a few of the layouts I was thinking of – there is some resemblance to the sketch above.

Layout #1

First layout design

Layout #1

Layout #2

Second layout design

Layout #2

Layout #3

Third layout design

Layout #3

I decided on this layout and fused the pieces to the background. I went with a satin stitch and cotton thread to complete the mug rug design. Nothing fancy just simple and easy.

Fourth layout with the pieces fused and stitched in place

Final layout

Finishing Touches

Binding the mug rug in the maroon fabric has framed it nicely and tied in the two strips of maroon from the background.

This piece is 7 ¼″ x 11″.

Modern Linear Lines Mug Rug

Mug Rug #7 complete

So 7 mug rugs down and only 45 to go.

Happy Quilting!

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