A beginner patchwork quilt pattern

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Rectangles and Squares is a pattern I created a year and a half ago using only rectangles and squares hence the name. A great project for someone just starting out in quilting to learn proper cutting and piecing with accurate ¼″ seams. This pattern is also great for the experienced quilter who needs a quick project as a gift for a new baby, graduating teenager or just someone who needs a quilt to snuggle under. The pattern can easily be enlarged by adding more blocks.

Eight coordinating fabrics are used to create this great little quilt. The fabrics use a variety of values ranging from light to dark as well as a feature fabric or two. When I have created this quilt I have always started with a feature fabric and then pulled from that fabric the other colours that I want to put in the quilt. Using a feature fabric with a few colours certainly helps. This is a very versatile pattern suited to many different types of fabric – florals, contemporary, children’s and batiks.

A beginner patchwork quilt with 8 coordinating fabrics

The fabrics used for the online class version with the floral fabric as the feature fabric

The first one I made with orange, pink and yellow fabrics using squares and wavy lines as the feature fabrics. Today I was discussing how I was really into orange lately but I think I have to say that I have been fascinated with the colour for over a year now. I do love the combination of orange and pink even though my friend Ruth doesn’t.

A beginner patchwork quilt in orange and pink

My first Rectangle & Squares Quilt

The quilting on this quilt I did wavy lines to mimic the fabric.

A beginner patchwork quilt with rectangles and squares

Wavy quilting lines mimic the waves in the feature fabric

The second one I made was leaning more towards the male population in colours and designs with camouflage puzzle pieces and bicycles. I really like the colours in this one.

A beginner patchwork quilt featuring puzzle and bicycle fabric

Bicycles and puzzle pieces are the feature fabrics in this version

This one I did very simple quilting outlining block sets.

A beginner patchwork quilt with simple quilting

Simple quilting to mimic the pieces and blocks

The third one went all the way to Australia and was a different block configuration than the first two. I love the feature fabric – looks kinda futuristic with the stars and circles – kind of reminds me of the Jetsons. The fabric was great in that had many colours and I was able to pull all my colours for the other fabrics from it.

A beginner patchwork quilt pattern

Stars and circles are the feature of this quilt

The quilting was done with free motion stippling and stars.

A beginner patchwork quilt with free motion stars

An all over quilting design of stippling and stars

There are several different block configurations with this one single block. In fact I was quite surprised how many I came up with – both on point and square on.

Not only is the quilt a pattern available for download, but I have also developed and online class called Beginner Patchwork scheduled to start Sept 12 at The Academy of Quilting a division of Arbee Designs. This class is not limited to just beginners but it has been written to walk a beginner through the whole process of creating a quilt top. There are two layout options to pick from and lots of helpful hints, pictures and videos to enhance your learning experience. Along with a classroom to ask questions and receive feedback from fellow quilters and the instructor. This is  a great way to learn especially if you live somewhere out of the way and do not have access to a quilt shop or guild.

The block configuration for the quilt in this class is even different from the ones above. A bit of a twist on the block.

A beginner patchwork quilt on point

The on-point design with the blocks creating pinwheels

It is a fun, easy quilt that is suitable for all levels of quilters. With all the different fabric choices each quilt looks so unique.

Happy Quilting!

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