Jacaranda Tree

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Story Time Monday.

Well, I don’t have a story about a quilt today but rather a highlight of a few of my favourite posts from this past year. It has been quite a year with over 365 posts written – how do I choose my favourites.

I think the best thing to do is pick one from each category.

Story Time Monday

The Sea Serpent

So many quilts to choose from but I think my favourite story is the one about my quilt The Sea Serpent and how I had to add borders because Michael didn’t want to shorten the hanging rod. Read the whole story here at The Sea Serpent Quilt.

Technique Tuesday

Half Square Triangle Border

One of my favourite Technique Tuesday posts was actually a two part one about creating different border designs with half square triangles. It was so much fun playing with the HSTs and configuring them into different arrangements to create unique borders. The picture above shows my favourite one. Read all about these border designs here at Border Designs Made With Half Square Triangles – Part 1 and Border Designs Made With Half Square Triangles – Part 2.

Stash Blasting Wednesday

Granny's choice block

Blasting the stash. Not so sure it was blasted at all but I did have fun trying. Now I have many more projects to finish thanks to all the blocks I highlighted. One of my favourite blocks this past year was the Granny’s Choice Block which I made in an achromatic colour scheme – black and grey.

Cool Tool Thursday

The Cutting Gizmo

Oh boy I had a lot of cool tools – which is my favourite. My favourite is the Cutting Gizmo because it really does save time and is so much fun to use when cutting chained pieces apart. Not to mention it is purple.

Colourful Friday

Colour Connections

I do believe that my favourite colour scheme is the Complementary Colour Scheme. Only two colours but they can have such impact in a quilt. My favourite pair are orange and turquoise which I used to make Colour Connections by Ruth Blanchet of Arbee Designs.

Free Motion Friday

Dog Bone Motif

This one is easy – the dog bone motif in honour of my dog Soda who was our faithful friend and companion for 15 years.

Coffee Talk Saturday

Huts in the Napo rainforest

I always struggled with Saturday. By the time it came around I wondered what I was going to write about. I always came up with something but it wasn’t always easy. My favourite post from Coffee Talk Saturday is If You Could Do Anything You Wanted…. What Would It Be?

Snapshot Saturday

A Montage

After spending a week at a photography course in August I came home with a new look on photography and how it can be integrated into my quilting. The one part of the course I loved most was making montages. My favourite post from Snapshot Saturday is Photographing Glass, Flora, Rocks and Wood. I love all the images created in this set and oh how I want to turn them into quilts.

Inspirational Sunday

Church window

My assignment You Could Quilt It at the photography course was a huge source of inspiration for me as it has made me look at my surroundings differently and I see quilts everywhere. Now if only I had time to turn everything into a quilt.

Stitch Along Sunday

Four Seasons

Lastly Stitch Along Sunday has been a lot of fun and Ruth has come up with some great ideas to get our creative juices flowing. My favourite month was October where I created the Seasons Piece with the black & white borders. The finished piece can be viewed here at how to make and attach hanging tabs.

There you have it, a few of my favourite posts from the past year. My favourite quilt of the year is pictured at the top of the post and is called The Jacaranda Tree.

Happy Quilting

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