Have you heard of the Global Quilt Connection? Its a website for quilting instructors and guilds to connect. It promotes instructors and the virtual speaking and teaching engagements they have to offer. Each instructor has a video promoting themselves and what they have to offer the quilting world. You can see my video here on the home page of my website, Quilts by Jen.

GQC also have teacher spotlights each month where they highlight 3 different instructors each month. They also have this wonderful even 3 times a year called the All Star Sampler Platters which is a huge success for all involved – the instructors, GQC and the guilds looking for speakers and teachers.

What is this Sampler Platter you ask? It is where 18 instructors each give a live 15 minute demo on a technique to promote their virtual teaching skills to guilds and individual quilters around the world.

I am very happy to say that I am a part of this month’s All Star Sampler Platter. I’ll be presenting a demo about appliqué and free motion zigzag called Wild & Spectacular flowers. It’s a bit daunting since it is live but also very exciting to be able to give a taste of my teaching skills and some of my favourite techniques to guilds around the world.

grey background with purple and orange flower

Check out the Global Quilt Connection to see how you can view this event on July 30 & 31, 2022 from 3 – 6 pm each day. I will be presenting on July 31st around 3:30.

Hope to see you there.

Coming Soon: Fall 2022 – Wild & Spectacular Flowers – 6 hour workshop.

purple flower on grey background surrounded by purple thread flowers
Standing Tall

Until next time…

Happy Quilting