Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

I belong to the Orillia Quilter’s Guild in Orillia, Ontario and they are having a C0-President’s Challenge – the current and past presidents teamed up together for this challenge. The past president encouraged me to take part and I thought okay why not. This is the first president’s challenge I have taken part in and I had a lot of fun creating my piece for it.

Here’s the challenge directly quoted from the challengers:

“The Challenge is to create a Picasso Quilt. We are calling it that because we are using the following Picasso quote as our inspiration:
“Good Artists copy. Great Artists steal.”
The challenge:
Choose a creative work of any medium that is not fibre art (paintings, stained glass, vases, written work, music, photographs, movies are a few examples) and either copy it in a quilt or use it as an idea to fashion your quilt.”

I looked at a lot of art on the internet and at a lot of my photographs before I found a photo I had taken of a Puff’s tissue box at my friends house in her bathroom. The photo was not that great as bathroom’s don’t have the best lighting and I was using the camera on my very outdated phone.

6 tissue boxes with multiple designs

An array of tissue boxes in varied colours and designs

As a result of this challenge I thought up idea for a series called Tissue Box Art Quilts and have since been checking out all the tissue box aisles at every shop I go to. Soon I’ll have to build an extra room onto the house to store all the tissue boxes – well, not quite but I certainly won’t need to buy any for the next few colds we may have.

variety of boxes

Previously collected tissue boxes

I can’t reveal my piece for the guild in this blog post because it is being judged at the meeting on Wednesday. No one is to know who’s is whose until after the judging.

individual tissue packages

Tissue packages in a variety of cool designs

I’ll do a blog post on it later about how I came up with the design and created my piece.

Thanks to the past and present presidents of our guild for inspiring me and giving me a new idea. I am looking forward to creating a few more of these tissue box art quilts in the near future.

Happy Quilting!

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