Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I’m always very skeptical when it comes to gadgets and tools especially ones that could leave a mark or residue on my work.

Last year when I was teaching one of my Bargello Sunflower workshops at Quilty Pleasures in Ottawa I was introduced to the Fons and Porter fabric glue marker.

It is a retractable glue stick that is blue in colour but dries clear. And yes it really does dry clear.

blue glue line on purple fabric that will dry clear

Blue glue line that will dry clear

The other great feature of this product is that the glue tip is only about a ¼″ wide making it easy to use on small pieces and in small places.

glue marker open showing narrow blue glue applicator on turquoise background

Narrow tip makes for easy application

I used it to glue down some of the wispy dandelion puffs that were blowing away in the wind on my Dandelion Puffs tissue box art quilt. The wisps are there with no trace of the glue. The glue has kept them in place after several trips to different guilds for trunks shows.

wispy puffs in sky glued in place with the fons and porter glue stick

Windswept puffs glued in place

As well you can buy refills for it which means the plastic pen doesn’t have to go in the landfill when the glue is gone.

Just this past week I used it to glue down some corners on the back of a piece which worked like a charm.

I’m impressed with the Fons and Porter glue marker and will definitely continue to use it for all my fabric glue needs.

Happy Quilting!

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