Mini art quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

I’m still a week behind with my stitch along piece and there only 3 days left in June but I have high hopes that I will get it done by the 30th.

Last week’s rules can be found on Ruth’s blog – June Week 3 Rules. Also don’t forget to check out the Gallery and see what everyone else is up to.

This week’s words are “echo” and “sparkle”.

I’ve decided to echo quilt with a metallic thread to incorporate both words. But first I need to fuse down my shapes and stitch them in place.

The question is what type of thread should I use?

I could use a sparkly metallic thread, a cotton variegated thread, a high sheen polyester variegated thread or a single colour rayon thread for this stitching. I also need 5 different colours of thread to match or contrast with the five broken circles. I guess I had better visit my thread cupboard.

Now that I have decided on the thread I need to decide on what stitch to use. I have been using the satin stitch a lot lately so maybe I should mix it up a bit and use some thing different. I’m thinking that a blanket stitch would work well.

I went with the rayon thread from Sulky for the blanket stitch because it has a bit of  sparkle and I had all the colours that I needed.

5 spools of fabric in colours to match applique pieces

A spool for each circle

First of all I added stabilizer to the back of the piece since I didn’t want to do the blanket stitch through all three layers of the quilt. I used a leave in stabilizer – fusible fleece from Pellon.

White fleece stabilizer on back of grey fabric

Stabilizer added to back of fabric

Then I decided to do a double blanket stitch so that the stitching would be nice and thick and stand out. I forgot how much longer it takes to stitch with a double blanket stitch and that you have to keep track of where the needle is especially when coming to a corner. I survived but I think it will be a bit before I do a double blanket stitch again. I do like the look though.

Blanket stitch around each shape in rayon threads to match the colour of the applique

Double blanket stitch complete

Echo Quilting

For the echo quilting I tried to use a metallic thread from Madira. It didn’t behave so well in my machine so I had to do some reverse sewing. I used a metallic needle and had the thread on a free standing spool stand but I think because it is raining out my machine just decided to be finicky and stubborn with the metallic thread. The rain really has nothing to do with it but I thought it sounded good.

And by the way ripping out free motion stitching isn’t much fun.

So I switched to plan B and went with another Sulky rayon thread in a variegated grey to match the background fabric. . Echo quilting around the circle shapes resulted in a bit of chaos in the middle but I think it looks cool. Everything is a tangled mess in the centre of the cosmos and regains order as it gets to the outside.

Echo quilting completed with free motion stitching in grey thread

Echo quilting completed

This now means I have to come up with something else to represent the word sparkle. Oh well, the best laid plans………..

With the quilting done I can now move on to this week’s rules and hopefully have my piece finished by the end of June.

Happy Quilting!

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