Free motion stars

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

A friend of mine and her husband dropped in the other day for a visit and cuppa.  We got to talking about stars and how he misses seeing the night sky full of stars living in the city. I said oh you will just have to come out here one clear night as the sky is full of stars. So here is a night sky full of stars just for him.

The first time I ever tried to free motion 5 pointed stars it was an absolute disaster – yep they looked like anything but stars. With practice and perseverance though the stars eventually looked like stars and have become one of my favourite all over free motion quilting designs to use.

The best way to start is by drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper. Once you have the hang of them on paper then move to the machine and use the needle and thread as the pencil. The first couple of tries may not look quite right but before long they will all be turning out okay.

Use the arrows as a guide.

Free Motion stars with arrows to follow

Follow the direction of the arrows to make the star

The Woven Stars quilt I made a while back was quilted with all over free motion stars. Quilted with a green variegated King Tut thread.

free motion stars on the Woven Stars quilt

Woven Stars quilt with all over star design

As was the inner background of my Season’s Greetings quilt. The stars are a bit hard to see as I used a thread that blended in with the background fabric but is very effective.

Free motion stars in the Seasons Greetings quilt

Stars on the background of Seasons Greetings

Give it a try and hey if they are a little wonky then just call them whimsical stars.

Happy Quilting!

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