ZigZag Table Runner

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

I’ve been trying to get ready for the Coldwater Studio Tour in June and so far I have managed to quilt a couple of pieces. I highlighted these pieces not too long ago in a post called Fast & Easy Designs With 5 Inch Squares.

Today I am highlighting the zigzag runner that I used 40 – 5 inch assorted batik squares and made 40 half square triangles with them to create this zigzag pattern. I added a blue inner border which very easily could have been a binding.

skinny blue border added to zigzag centre

ZigZags framed in blue

The centre of this quilt had a lot of points at the edges and I often find it hard to keep the points when putting binding on hence the blue inner border. Then I dug around in my batik cupboard and found this bold flower print in yellow and brown for the outer border. I think it just works perfectly with the fabrics in the zigzags. Everything just seems to pop.

Zigzag runner with a bold yellow/brown flower print border

Auditioning the bold flower print border

When I bought this piece of fabric I had no idea what it would ever be used for but I liked it. The borders are in place.

Flower print border on runner

Borders sewn on

Straight line quilting with my walking foot was in order for this piece. I echoed the zigzag pattern throughout the middle of the pattern.

straight line echo quilting of zigzag pattern

Echo quilting of the zigzags

I used a 30 wt thread from Sulky Blendables which is variegated and works well with all the different colours within the quilt. I like the thicker threads for quilting because they stand out more and are seen. Why go to all that work and not see the quilting.

Close up of quilting lines

Close up of thread and quilting

It was interesting quilting this piece yesterday because it was very humid. I had actually started the quilting the day before and it wasn’t that humid. With the humidity the fabric felt damp and it didn’t lay as flat as normal – it was a bit wavy in fact. Now if only my hair would get some wave in it with all this humidity – nope no way it is as straight as.

Tripod and I sat on the deck early this morning while I pulled through all the thread ends, tied them off and buried them with a self threading needle. Tripod wasn’t much help but she did keep a close eye on my work.

Now just to hand sew the binding to the back and the piece is ready for the tour. The runner measures 46 x 22 inches.

ZigZag Table Runner

Completed runner

This is definitely a quick and easy project that will use up some of that stash or pre-cuts that are sitting around.

Okay back to the machine as there are many other works in progress to be pieced, quilted and bound.

Happy Quilting!

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