Quack Quack Mug Rug

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Mug Rug Monday.

Last week I was a little over zealous on my counting and thought I was at mug rug 12 but in reality I was only at number 11. Today is #12. Only 40 to go.

I had a brilliant idea this morning and thought why not make a mug rug to go with my Animal Party quilt. Great fun for little kids and big ones too.

Bright cheery colours with an appliquéd animal will make snack time lots of fun.

I pulled a few bright fabrics from my cupboard along with a fabric for the sashing, cut them up and made a 7 x 12 inch mug rug. The black fabric with a colourful geometric print is what makes the quilt – it adds lots of contrast between the 4 patch blocks and appliqué blocks. I’ve tried other fabrics but always come back to the black.

The 4 patch design usually has a star in the centre of the sashing but I have omitted the star in the mug rug. I didn’t think I needed to get into that much detail for the mug rug. Plus I also didn’t feel like figuring out the math for the star points.

four patch design of bright coloured fabrics and black sashing attached to a green piece of fabric

Background piece with a 4 patch

Once made I sandwiched the layers together and and picked some threads for the quilting.

A spool of thread to go with each colour of fabric

Thread choices

Straight lines in the four patch section. I even did an experiment and just used the dual feed on my Bernina 820 to see how it worked for quilting – not bad but I like the look of a walking foot better.

The 4 patch section quilted with straight lines

Straight line quilting

Free motion stippling all over the green and I am ready to pick an animal for my mug rug. I chose the duck since Easter is just around the corner. Plus I think she is really cute.

Green fabric quilted with free motion stippling motif

Free motion stippling

I built the appliqué duck the same way as I did the dahlia on the Dahlia Mug Rug a few weeks ago. Then I fused it to the green fabric and did some blanket stitch around all the pieces. I used black thread because it outlines the pieces nicely and makes the design stand out more.

Blanket stitch done in black around the duck design

Duck stitched in place

Don’t you just love her feet? She is walking with attitude – probably more like strutting.

With the stitching all done I added the binding and when I sew the binding down I’ll sew on some beads or button for eyes. Alternatively french knots could be used for the eyes – no small pieces that a little one could choke on.

Quack Quack Mug Rug

Mug rug completed

Lots of fun with the animals from Animal Party. Animal Party is available as a pattern from Arbee Designs or as a class at the Academy of Quilting under the name Zoo Friends.

This little mug rug is a great way to use up those scraps of fabric that keep building up as is the full size quilt.

Happy Quilting!

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