light box on table

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

For years I taped my templates to a window and stood there with my arms up in the air tracing out my templates onto fusible web or whatever they needed to be traced onto. This method certainly works but is very tiring on the arms.

Finally a couple of years ago I bought a light box. I only bought a small one which fits a piece of paper 8 ½″ x 11″ – not quite big enough but it does do the job. They are so easy to use – just plug in and hold the on switch for 3 seconds for the light to come on.

Lighting up the templates from underneath I find is so much better. Looking down on the design also makes it easier for tracing. All of the lines are visible and tracing is so much easier. Even when you have to flip the paper over and trace from the wrong side there are no issues in seeing the lines clearly.

template on light box

Light box with template on top

As I did in my post for Stitch Along Sunday – October Week 2 you can also build your piece on the light box. Just put the template on the light box surface and then add your pieces. With this one I placed them onto a square of fabric but you could also put a piece of parchment paper or Teflon sheet over the template and build the appliqué design.

applique pièces in place on large square

Applique pièces in position on fabric with the template underneath

So now I aspire to having a larger light box. They are easy enough to make if you have someone handy around.

Happy Quilting!

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