Hi Everyone, welcome back. I am so excited today to talk a little bit more about my on-line Live Zoom quilting workshops and detail what is involved in them and what you will learn in the Icons on the Landscape workshop.

art quilt in progress
Icons on the Landscape Workshop

What is a public enrolment workshop?

Public enrolment means that anyone can sign up for the workshop as it is open to the general public and not a private event for a group such as a quilting guild or quilt shop. I’m opening up my quilting workshops to the public so that everyone can take part in my great workshops.

What is involved in this type of workshop?

Basically you sign up for the workshop in my store and then take part in 3 separate sessions to create the Icons on the Landscape Art Quilt.

The workshop is run over 3 sessions – May 3, 17 & 31 with 2 weeks between sessions to work on your project. You can choose from either the 10 am or 7 pm time slot. I do most of my workshops over 3 sessions with great results and participants love having the time between sessions to work on their piece. In fact, by having this time it usually means a finished project and no UFO sitting in a drawer. Heaven knows we all have far too many unfinished projects sitting around.

What are you going to learn?

The workshop is chalk full of great information, tips, tricks and techniques that will not only help create this gorgeous quilt but other future projects as well.

Choose from 4 different Icons.

The Inukshuk surrounded by the northern lights. 

A majestic Polar Bear wandering the frozen tundra as the sun sets. 

Saguaro standing tall reaching towards the sky. 

Lone White Pine is windswept on a rocky shore. 

Workshop Features

Use fabric collage to create the icons and some of the land features – any type of fabric goes, especially ones with lots of texture like upholstery fabrics

Fabric collage

Choose a single fabric fabric background that mimics a daytime sky, night sky or dusk as seen in images above

Or create a pieced background that resembles a faux Bargello and can be subtle or not so subtle

Learn easy couching and free-motion stitching to create northern lights (Inukshuk)

Inukshuk and northern lights art quilt with solid background

Create a colour wash sun using Quilter’s Grid (Polar Bear)

Apply fusible web appliqué technique on all projects

Discover how easy free-motion zigzag is to finish off the fabric edges on the collage

2 options for finishing the quilt – pieced binding or facing

Plus there will be some bonus features in the workshop that you really won’t want to miss.

So hop over to my store and sign up for the Icons on the Landscape Art Quilt right now. It is going to be a lot of fun.

See you on May 3.

Until then,

Happy Quilting