Happy Canada Day!

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Story Time Monday.

The picture above is of a cake I made when I was living in Australia. We were invited to a party which just happened to be on July 1st so I figured why not add a little bit of Canada into the Aussies life that day. Not a bad effort I would say – strawberries, icing and chocolate cake – and the chocolate cake is to die for. A friend’s recipe that is so good you would never guess the ingredients.

Last week was the last day for the Purely Canadian BOM. Now everyone has to put the blocks together and create the quilt. I will be meeting with a few this Saturday to give them a hand. Probably a a few more in the fall as some just were not quite at that stage yet. Maybe Quincy will have his done by then – he was a guest student at the last meeting.

Yesterday I finished sewing the 9 large blocks together – some are made up of smaller blocks with sashing and some are just one big block – each measures 18 ½″ with the centre maple leaf measuring 56 ½″ square when completed. Here is what my new version looks like in cream, brown and blue – I have to say brown is not my favourite colour but I am quite liking it with the blue. I swapped the Inukshuk and light house blocks around so as to add a bit more symmetry to the maple leaf with the placement of the blue and cream.

My new brown, blue and cream version of Purely Canadian

My new brown, blue and cream version of Purely Canadian

The delectable mountains and maple leaf cornerstones are made but when I put the border fabric up against whole piece I went oh boy that isn’t going to work – far to dull and muddy. It will work for the backing. Now I have to find something else. I am thinking probably the blue or a striped border with the brown and blue – see how much fabric I have and then go from there. This one was all done from my stash except for the light brown had to be purchased – not bad as this quilt is a good stash buster.

Ruth Powell, who bought the pattern from me a while back put hers together using different colours and all from the Stonehenge fabric range by Northcott. Looks great Ruth. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Stunning Ruth, love all the different colours

Stunning Ruth, love all the different colours

Sure would like a piece of that cake now. I have the strawberries but that is it – guess they will have to do.

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Happy Canada Day and Happy Quilting!

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