Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

It’s been a wonderful relaxing summer so far and I’ve decided to spend the rest of it relaxing at the cottage.

This means that I’m going to be off grid for the rest of August as there is no power and definitely no internet at the cottage. So no further blog posts this month.

I’ll be enjoying life in the sun, soaking up the rays and pretty much being a cottage bum for the rest of the summer. All my life I wanted to be a beach bum so now I get to be a cottage bum instead. It is always good to reach our goals.

reflection of trees in water with mist

Smooth as glass

I will be back at the beginning of September when it is time for a new season of trunk shows, workshops, blog posts, designing and creating.

Make sure to check out QUILtsocial next week where I am the guest blogger.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you in the fall.

A tin boat on the water

Boat at the dock

Thanks to Michael for these wonderful shots of the views from our little slice of heaven. 

Happy Quilting