eight pointed star

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Motion Friday.

Today I am going to deviate a bit from free motion and use the walking foot. I do a fair bit of quilting with the walking foot and wanted to share one of my favourite motifs with you – the eight pointed star.

This design is a continuous line design which means it starts and stops in the same spot. Great for not having a lot of threads to pull through. I find this design great for kids quilts and pretty much any size of square. I have used it on a 1 inch square up to a 12 inch square but there are no rules to say you couldn’t go larger.

Depending on the fabric I often use a variegated thread for this motif especially on a kids quilt.

To start a square is needed. This square is a 6 inch one which has had borders added.

square with borders

Start with a square of any size

Mark out the middle on each side with a pin.

pins mark the middle of each side of the square

Middle of each side marked with a pin

Draw a line from a corner to a pin. I have used the Chaco Liner from Clover to draw my lines.

line from corner to pin

Draw the first line from a corner to the pin

Continue the line to the opposite corner.

2 lines on the square

Second line drawn to next corner

Continue drawing the whole star. It will have eight points.

8 sided pointed star on the square

Complete star drawn

Pick a corner and start sewing to down the line.

Stitching on one line

First line sewn

At the end of the line pivot and start down the next side, continue until the star is complete.

eight pointed star complete with stitching

Completed star

Here is the graphic with arrows as to the direction of sewing.

schematic of star and sewing direction

Diagram of star with arrows for direction of sewing

This is a fast and easy design great for filling in large empty squares and even small ones too.

Happy Quilting!

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