two green potholders

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

So today I decided I needed to make my mom a pair of potholders for Christmas. She likes the potholders that I make and it has been a couple of years so I am pretty sure she will be in need of a new set.Mom isn’t picky about what they look like or what colour they are.

The thing to know about my mom is she doesn’t like them too big and she likes them to be thin. Yep, that’s right thin. I have always wondered about that but I go along with it and use the lightest cotton batting I have. It is not a good idea to use polyester as it may melt and bamboo although very thin is not very fire retardant.

I dug into a container I knew had some pinwheel blocks in it and came out with these two square-in-a-square blocks from when I was making and auditioning fabrics for my Woven Stars quilt. I had totally forgotten I even had them. Good that they are finally going to be put to use.

one green block

The square-in-a-square block

I decided I didn’t want to have to do any hand sewing on these and used the same backing method as I did for the placemats I made in October for my guild’s Outreach program. Much like a pillow backing. Make sure to use your finger extender when pressing the bit of fabric over on itself.

The block was 8 ½″ and so I cut the batting to be 8 ½″ and the two backing pieces different sizes. One is 4 ½″ by 8 ½″ while the larger one is 5 ½″ by 8 ½″. This is because a ½″ or so is folded over on the larger piece.

edge folded over on rectangle

Edge folded over on larger piece of the backing

Once all layered and pinned it was time to sew around the edges.

Pieces pinned together

Pinned and ready to be sewn

Frostie made sure to supervise at a very close distance.

Cat lying on sewing table

Frostie supervising

Sewing done I clipped the corners and then flipped them right side out. To push out the corners I used my Purple Thang.

After a quick press with steam they were lying nice and flat and ready to quilt.

Front and back of potholders after sewing together and pressing

Front and back of potholders

I decided to free motion quilt them so that I wouldn’t have to hand sew the backing down and the free motion quilting would catch most of the edge and keep it in place. Worked like a charm.

One potholder I quilted with the free motion meandering star motif.

potholder quilted with free motion stars

Free motion stars motif

And the second one with the free motion meandering triangle motif.

potholder quilted with free motion triangles

Free motion triangle motif

They both look pretty good don’t you think?

There they are all ready to go send to mom in Saskabush. Not sure they will make it for Christmas but that’s okay as her birthday is in January.

A couple of orphaned blocks and a fat eighth of fabric for the backing have now been removed from my stash. Only how many more to go?

Happy Quilting!

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