quilted placemat

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

Last week on Stash Blasting Wednesday I talked about the Christmas placemats that I made for my local guild who are giving them to one of the local Senior’s homes to adorn their tables for Christmas dinner. I also mentioned that I finished them off a bit differently than the usual no binding method.

The method I used still requires sew and flip but instead of leaving an opening in one side I used two pieces for the backing and overlapped them. It still means there is hand sewing to do but I find it much easier than closing up the opening. I also find it to be a much nicer finish.

For the placemat which is 12 ½″ x 15 ½″ unfinished: cut a piece of batting this size and place the placemat on it facing up.

For the back I cut two pieces. The first piece I cut at 8 ½″ x 12 ½″ and the second an inch larger at 9 ½″ x 12 ½″.  Fold over a ½″ to ¾″ on one end of the larger piece and press to the wrong side of the fabric. This will give a nice finished edge.

2 pieces of fabric for the backing

The 2 backing pieces, the larger one has the edge folded under

Place this piece on top of one side of the placemat with right sides facing each other.

Larger backing piece lying on top of placemat

Place larger piece on first

Place the smaller piece on the other half of the placemat right sides facing each other. Pin the pieces to the placemat all the way around.

backing fabrics pinned in place

Second piece of backing in place and pinned all around

Sew the layers together with a quarter inch seam, start in a quarter inch and pivot at the corners. Back stitch at the end to secure the stitching.

backing sewn in place, close up of corner

Sew a ¼″ seam all the way around

Turn the piece right side out by pulling the placemat through the opening in the back of the piece. You may need to use something such as the Purple Thang to push out the corners.

placemat turned right side out

Turn right side out, use Purple Thang to push out corners

Press the piece flat from the front with a steam iron.

Placemat ready for quilting

Placemat with backing sewn on and ready to quilt

Sew up the opening in the back as you would sew on a binding.

Quilt as desired.

I love this method of finishing off these placemats. Also great for small wall hangings and table runners if you do not want to add a binding.

Happy Quilting!

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