Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

There is no stash blasting today and honestly there hasn’t been much stash blasting or quilting done in my studio for over a week now. I’ve been distracted by the cottage we inherited this spring.

The cottage is a wonderful distraction and gets me out of the studio to relax and enjoy life. Although there is much work to be done there it is a totally different kind of work. It is pretty much all manual labour which never hurt anyone. In fact there is something very satisfying about having a day of physical work with measurable results at the end of the day.

It was built by my husband’s grandfather about 40 years ago although the land has been in the family much longer and they stayed in a tent prior to the cottage. Over the recent years there has been very little TLC and so now we are giving it lots of love and care to rejuvenate it for our use for many years to come. The inside is almost ready for new cabinets and flooring.

The cottage is on an island with boat access only and is totally off grid. No running water and no power. We have taken out 1.75 tons of garbage so far and there is still much more clean up to be done around the cottage. I guess you could say we are stash blasting the garbage rather than the fabric this month.

One of the many boat loads that went to the tip.

A boat load of garbage tied up at a dock on a lake

A boat load of garbage

My husband calls it treasure island as there are many treasures to be found. Like this chair which is the driver’s seat of his grandfather’s Jaguar from the 70’s which also was the captain’s chairs in one of his boats. Then it sat on the lake shore’s edge for many years. Talk about repurposing.

Blue chair on the lakeshore

Jaguar seat

So now you know why I haven’t been on the blog much or creating anything new.  I will still do my weekly mug rug, stitch along Sunday and probably a cool tool each week but other than that I’ve decided to enjoy the summer at my little slice of heaven in Muskoka.

The view from my little slice of heaven.

View of a lake with trees and boat

My little slice of heaven

Enjoy the summer and the outdoors – quilting can wait for fall.

Happy Quilting!

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