Lime & magenta square block

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Yesterday, I demonstrated how to sew the three shapes together from the Sidekick ruler from Jaybird Quilts. Today it’s time to use up a bit more of my stash and create some blocks with those pieces from yesterday.


I have never made a tumbling blocks quilt as I always thought that the 60 degree angles were too difficult and I didn’t want to do set in seams. Well, with the triangle and diamond shape the tumbling blocks can be made in strips – easy peasy.

To begin sew a diamond to a triangle. I decided to do mine in the lime green and magenta which by the way are complementary colours.

Lime and magenta triangles and diamonds sewn together

Sew diamond and triangle together

Then sew the two units together to create the square or tumbling block which is featured at the top of the page.

Use the half triangles to create a slightly different look to the square. Another great complementary colour combo of teal and orange.

Block made with or and and teal diamonds and triangles

Teal and orange square


Using the large triangle made up of two triangles and a diamond I came up with three layouts for a hexagon. Just by changing the position of the yellow diamond these three layouts emerged.

Using a triadic colour scheme of primary colours certainly makes a statement with these very bold fabrics.

Orbiting Satellite

To me the red and blue parts look like an orbiting satellite.

hexagon made of red & blue triangles and yellow diamonds

Orbiting satellite hexagon

Bordered Triangle

An inner triangle flanked by stripes of colour.

Triangle shape of yellow and red within a border of yellow, red & blue

Triangle within the hexagon

Six Pointed Star

A six pointed star within the red and blue hexagon.

Six pointed yellow star surrounded by red and blue diamonds in a hexagon shape

Star within the hexagon

I am sure there are many more blocks that can be created with these three shapes and these are just a few I came up with.

I’m working on a design using just the diamonds but I’ll leave that for another day to reveal and when I am a bit further along.

Okay, twist my rubber arm. Here’s a sneak peak.

black, grey and coloured diamonds

A cool design with diamonds

Happy Quilting!

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