Chaco Liners

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

This week’s tool is one of my favourite marking tools and if anyone has taken my machine quilting class they will certainly have heard that I love them.

The Clover Chaco Liner is fabulous to mark lines and designs on your fabric for quilting and sewing. The liner comes in 4 different colours – red, blue, yellow and white.  A colour to show up on any colour of fabric. I have to say I use my white one the most but the blue and yellow do come in very handy as well especially on light coloured fabric.

The device has a little wheel at the pointed end and it just rolls along the ruler or template to create a chalk line on the fabric. The line is always clear, the wheel rolls well and there is no excessive amount of chalk on the fabric.

Sew over the chalk line as your guide and beautiful motifs are created. If the chalk has not disappeared under the sewing line then just wipe it away with your hand or use a fabric softener sheet to pick up the excess.

The other great thing about these little chaco liners is that you can buy refills for them and they do last a long time.

If you prefer a slimmer version they come in a pen style also with refills.

The next time you need a chalk marker give this one a try.  I certainly love mine.

Coolness Factor – Quilts by Jen rates it 8 out of 10.

Usefulness Factor – Quilts by Jen rates it 10 out of 10.

Happy Quilting!

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