The Funky 'J' Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Form/Motion Friday.

Yesterday, I introduced you to this cool and funky art quilt that I dumped fabric glue all over. Ooops! But it doesn’t seem to be any worse for wear and I can start stitching down the pieces now that all the glue is dry.

I’ve decided to use light coloured threads for the stitching as I want the pieces to stand out. Using the light coloured threads will provide a very high contrast on the darker fabrics. Especially since there is very little value difference within the fabrics I used to create the funky ‘J’ design.

Did you see the ‘J’ in the design?

I think I’ll name the quilt – Funky ‘J’

I chose 4 variegated threads in a 100% cotton. Three of them are really light and the fourth one a little bit darker.

Three light coloured threads and one medium value thread

The threads

When I started quilting and stitching this in class I was using a straight stitch at the edge of each piece. The same as I did on my Dahlia mug rug – the difference is I used batik for the mug rug and cottons for this piece. The cottons tend to fray at the edges where as the batiks not so much. In hindsight, I am glad I sewed through all those layers and had to rip out because I don’t think I would have been happy with just the straight stitching at the edge.

So I have changed the stitch and I am using a free motion satin stitch. I went with the free motion version because it is a lot more organic looking than a regular satin stitch which I think suits this design.

Since I am doing free motion quilting I’ve got my gloves, free motion foot and Supreme Slider all in position and ready to go.

Ready to quilt

All set and ready to quilt

What a difference the light coloured thread makes.

Green fabric stitched around with light green thread in satin stitch

Organic free motion satin stitch

And another reason I chose the free motion version is because it actually goes faster and it is easier to make points and go around corners with – precision is not required.

Now I have a few threads to pull through, tie off and bury. Must get out my handy dandy self-threading needle for this job.

The Funky 'J' Quilt

Ready for the next colour

Ready for the next colour and I’m thinking purple.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Happy Quilting!

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