What Is A Fabric And Word Challenge?

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

My friend Ruth of Arbee Designs has started Stitch Along Sunday on her blog. The idea is that she gives us 4 words and we have to develop a small art quilt to go with these words. Small being the operative word here – the size of a piece of A4 or letter sized paper. To see what Ruth created check out her blog post Stitch Along Sunday.

Now it certainly isn’t going to use my stash up very quickly being such small pieces but I figure if I take the challenge and stitch along with her I will use up some of my stash and maybe a lot of the small pieces that I have which are not really much good for anything.

The words this week were:





This what I came up with to represent these four words.

I started with a blue fabric for the background which also represents midnight.

Midnight blue

Midnight blue

Next I added a sand dune.

A small sand dune added at the bottom

A small sand dune added at the bottom

A little greenery to represent the plant.

Greenery for the plant life needed

Greenery for the plant life needed

And finally something round to complete the word set. Although you could say that the circles in the fabric could work as something round as well.

Something round added to the scene

Something round added to the scene

This has been lots of fun and even though I didn’t use up much of my stash I did use up some pieces of scraps that already had fusible on them ready to stick down which I have probably wondered why I kept them – now I know.

Why not try this little exercise and take part in the challenge. Who knows what kind of masterpiece you may create. I can’t wait to see what we will be adding to it on Sunday.

And to make it really easily to share, Ruth and I have set up a Stitch Along Sunday Party hosted here on Quilts by Jen.

Happy Quilting!

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