An Addition To Midnight In The Desert


Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Last week I introduced you to my piece called Midnight in the Desert that I am doing for Stitch Along Sunday with Ruth Blanchet at Arbee Designs. This first piece is really just a test run for everyone to see how it works and try it out. Ruth may change up the theme a bit and I think we will have a week in which to work on the piece and then post what we have done.

Here at Quilts by Jen we have set up a Stitch Along Sunday Linky Party where everyone can post a link to their blog with their art pieces for everyone to see. If you do not have a blog then just send a photo along to me or Ruth with the story of the piece and we will post it for you. My e-mail is and Ruth is

The new words that Ruth posted on Sunday to use to add additional work to the piece were:

Spin    Flicker     Free

At least 2 of the 3 words had to be used.

I used the words free and flicker. I decided to add flickering birds flying freely in the sky.

The outline of them is done in metallic thread representing the moon light shining on them. I used Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle by Superior Threads to quilt the outline of the birds. This is a 12 weight thread – if you are not sure about thread weight then read all about it here at The Thick and Thin of Thread. 

To use this thread I had to put it in the bobbin as it is a bit too think to go through the top of the machine. To make sure I put the birds in the right place I drew the outline of the top on the back so I new where the edges were and then traced the outline of the birds onto the back of the piece with the Trace ‘n Mark Air Erasable Pen from Clover. Worked like a charm.

Close up of the birds

Close up of the birds

The rest of the appliqué pieces I quilted with rayon thread by Robison-Anton to give a bit of a flickering in the moonlight look and I used a free motion zigzag stitch. The outline of the birds was also done free motion but just with a straight stitch.

Close up of the other stitching

Close up of the other stitching

I hope to see you all join in and be creative at Stitch Along Sunday.It really is a great way to be creative and maybe work outside of your comfort zone.

Happy Quilting!

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