Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

What does Triptastic mean? Well, it is our nickname for our little cat named Tripod. Tripod came to us many years ago when we were living in Yellowknife via the vet clinic. Our other cat Frostie was driving me nuts – she needed a playmate. One day when I was at the vet clinic picking up food for our dog Soda they told me all about this little kitten they received in from one of the small communities down the road.

I went to the back of the clinic to take a look at her. You see she was special and only 3 months old or there abouts. She had been found at the dump and was not in good shape – it was January in the Arctic and -40 outside. Temperatures like that and little kittens do not mix. She lost her tail, a hind leg and all but one toe on the other hind leg. When I picked her up all she did was purrrrrrrrrrrr and I was hooked.

When she was ready to be released she came home to live with us and has become a very important part of our family. She really has no clue that she is to have 4 legs although I have to wonder what she thinks of Frostie who does have 4 legs and can jump up on everything. Tripod claws her way up hence I do not have a nice quilt on my bed but a very ugly cheap duvet cover. That’s okay as Tripod sleeps with us every night and serenades me at 0530 in the morning to be fed – she is up with the birds these days which somedays I wish the birds and her were not up.

Tripod is aptly named Tripod not only cause she has three legs but because………. well, that’s for another day.

Happy Quilting!

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