The Magnetic Spot

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I’ve had this little magnetic spot from Grabbit Sewing Tools in a basket on the cabinet in the corner of my studio forever – not even out of the package. I figured today was as good a day as any to put it to use.

Yes, it is magnetic and no it won’t harm computerized machines – it says so right on the packaging. Sewing machines use microchips which are not affected by magnetic fields. Editor’s Note: This is true! Just don’t put your cassette tapes or backup hard-drives on it. 🙂

My favourite pin cushion is magnetic and it sits right by machine and I have had no issues what-so-ever with the sewing machine due to the magnet.

This little magnetic spot comes with a suction cup on the back of it so it can be attached to smooth surfaces.

Here it is attached to the front of my machine so I can keep track of my scissors.

Scissors attached to machine with the magnetic spot

Scissors attached to machine

And here it is attached to the throat of my machine so I can keep my pins together as I pull them out of the fabric so I don’t sew over them.

Keeping track of the pins with the magnetic spot

Pins on the magnetic spot

I actually think I need two of these – one for the pins and one for the scissors. Editor’s Note: What a good idea for an anniversary present… I think that day might be coming up pretty soon)

A very handy little tool indeed. Highly recommended and if you buy here from my Amazon link I receive a teeny, tiny commission that costs you nothing but helps me keep this website running – please and thanks.

Happy Quilting!

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