three pin cushions

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

Over the years I have collected a few different pin cushions but always seem to go back to the one I bought years ago in Yellowknife. It has sat by machine, on my sewing table through all kinds of projects and quilting adventures. It has been misplaced under fabric and batting, it has travelled the world going to retreats and classes and it has a piece missing when it didn’t quite make the move to Australia intact.

I am sure that many of you own this very pin cushion and wouldn’t give it up seeing how it keeps pins where they are suppose to be and not on the table or floor. The magnet in the middle is wonderful keeping all the pins in check and away from bare feet and paws. Thank goodness my cat does not have a pin fetish only a thread and fabric fetish.

blue round magnetic pin cushion

Magnetic pin cushion

Yes, I do own other pin cushions. Some have been given to me and others I have bought with great intentions of dividing it into sections for sewing machine needles so I can tell which needle is which. I have no idea who can read the tiny print on those needles to know which one it is – my eyes certainly are not that good. The one I bought for this job was a red tomato pin cushion.

I have a felted one which I do use for my hand sewing needles and can easily carry it around the house to whichever chair I decide to sit and sew in. Frostie loves to play with this one as it is round and rolls. The only problem with this one is that if it does fall on the floor the pins can get pushed right down into it making them difficult to retreive.

teal blue felted pin cushion

Felted pin cushion

As child I made pin cushions for my mom and sister out of styrofoam blocks covered with coloured foam and placed inside a popsicle stick enclosure. I suspect most of us made these as a child. I do believe both my mom and sister still have and use them. I guess they were made well with lots of white school glue to hold them together.

I also have a lovely home made one from a lady who was my roommate at a recent retreat we attended. The design is cathedral windows and she did a beautiful job. Thanks Monica.

red, green and white hand made pin cushion

Handmade pin cushion

Thanks to Michael for taking my photos today. He used the back of my Reflected Beauty quilt as the backdrop – works pretty good.

Do you have a special or favourite pin cushion?

Happy Quilting!

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