Finger Presser tool from Clover

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The Clover Finger Presser – I love this little gadget!

It is a great tool for pressing seams with and saving the wear and tear on your finger and fingernail. This tool is made of hard plastic with a slanted end that has a round indentation on the top to rest your finger in while using.

To use just place on top of the fabric in which you want the seam to face at the seam line and run along at a slight angle to make a perfectly flat seam.

Slide the flat section across the seam to press

The tool in use

I have been using it for paper piecing and also when I do the stitch and flip method of quilt as you go. It is great for small pieces and allows one to stay put at their machine rather than getting up to the iron. Although getting up and moving is good for the body to prevent aches, pains and stiffness.

It can be used for all seams but does take a bit more time and requires a flat surface when doing long seams. In fact I did use it to press all the seams in a Bargello that I did a while back that isn’t finished yet. Gee fancy that, a project not finished.

This little tool gets the seams as flat as the iron and possibility flatter with no distortion in the seam what-so-ever.

The Clover Finger Presser is definitely a favourite tool of mine and a must in my tool box.

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