Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday on Wednesday.

I was a bit occupied this past weekend finishing up a quilt for my niece so I didn’t get my stitch along done on time but really I have all week so it isn’t late at all.

Last week I left you with a whole bunch of pieces cut from the neutral fabrics. They look like a mess really and I am sure some of you are wondering just what I am going to do with them. I’m wandering the same thing.

Week 2 instructions can be found on Ruth’s blog along with her stitch along piece.

I decided to pair up the pieces and I ditched the white pieces as I felt they were too light for the rest of the fabrics. They may get put back in at a later date but for now I have set them aside.

Pairs of odd shaped fabric in grey and black

Pieces paired up – light with dark

I chose the lime contrasting fabric and am using narrow strips of it between the pieces. Everything is very free form for this and I certainly haven’t measured anything or sewn an exact ¼″ seam.

Lime coloured contrasting fabric added to neutral pairs

Narrow pieces of contrasting fabric added

The sections are being sewn together and everything is beginning to grow and grow and grow – larger than the size that we are to make the piece. I don’t always follow the rules to a T.

3 sections of neutral and lime pieces

Pieces being sewed together to create sections

A couple of configurations and more pieces added has me ending today’s post with 2 snake like pieces that I am not quite sure how I am going to connect.

Curvy sections of neutral and lime fabrics pieced together

2 curvy sections

They also look good overlapping on each other. I’ll have to either do raw edge appliqué to attach them or some curved piecing. For now I’ll think about it and wait until this week’s instructions come out before I make a decision.

Combining of curvy sections to overlap and make one piece of neutral and lime

The curvy sections overlapped to make one piece

Happy Quilting!

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